Monday, 22 June 2009

Battle Hill Spot Extravaganza

First of all I DO NOT know if this spot is a bust but there are a lot of cameras around, probs just to prevent undesirables & chavs from messing crap up.

This has some promise as long as someone has the wax and the time

here are the pipes. If you want to grind them you will need to wax them I think and you have to grind TOWARDS the camera because the pipes are bent at one end.

This is the better pipe out of the two.

a pretty crazy bank if you want to do some Jimmy Boyce style flip to tail on them

view 2.


there are plenty of small gaps like this all over the car park.

These are the man-made synthetic marble benches, there are 6 in total (some are behind me) they grind nicely BUT KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN I got chased after taking these photos so ideally go in a big group. The benches themselves are a decent size, the floor is OKAY but is a bit bumpy but not enough to effect you.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


I apologise for the lack of blogging recently, Dave & Myself could not be bothered to do any. However, I now am able to bring you....NEWS!; CREDIT CRUNCH BITS HARDER!!!,Due to the cuffufle about the bloody credit crunch we bring you an adventure so daring, so extradinary, so bizzare that it would have Bear Grillys shaking in his boots. Due to rising costs of electricity, Dave decided not to straigten his hair, and along with the company of Team Alfalfa we headed out into the mysteroius countryside where all sorts of pillaging and the likes were concieved.

Team Alfalfa (breakdown); Dave (BEAR) Smith, Robbie (We are going THIS way) Addison, Joel (Omen) Harrison, Charlie (I have got no food) Miller, David (Soviet) Ward, Smadams and myself.

P.S the reason I call Dave a BEAR is because a.) Mr Haywood commented on Dave's hair saying that he looks like some sort of wild animal. b.) Recently a person going by the name of BEAR has been answering Sidewalk's letters recently and as you can guess I made the connection.

I liked Brian's cosack hat today, shame that my the end of the trip it was burnt.

Brian, belting the high notes.

The MP3's were on the sesh to my delight.

As was Matty.

Brian was shocked.

This is what happens when I go wondering up a rural road shouting obsene things, I return with the Po-liss on me tail. Na not really he was just curious on why I was running up the road shouting my myself on a road in the middle of no-where turns out he was really nice and gave us directions I was tempted to ask him to pose with his gun, I can only imagine what it looked like to the group, me walking around a corner just to return with the Police. Joel - "F*** ITS THE FEDS HOWD THEY FIND US?!?!?"

The team take a well deserved break in the middle of no-where, stealing Joel's Relentless after he went for a piss. This was taken directly after we took a shortcut by accident which resulted us in missing out 3KM of our route LOL.

David had decided to give up on the idea of raving to the cows so he went onto somthing a little more extreme.

Will Sanderson, looking as scary as ever. Apparently this was taken inside my groups tent a.) What the f*** is Will doing in our tent b.) if this is taken on my phone then why can't I remember this??? mmmmm. This was obviously before 4 crazy farmers came down the hill on quad bikes & guns, swearing their heads off threatening to "Shoot our eyes out" or as Josh Oliver thought "Take your i-phones" as you could guess we were all crapping ourselves when Josh (not Oliver) & Ryan Copping came to the rescue by shouting something along the lines of "There's 4 of you, there's 30 of us" and they f***** off. Meanwhile, BEAR was drawing out a plan in which he could knife the farmers with his penknife. This was the only sort of photo for the next day, sorry.

Once we arrived at our designated finish we were all relieved to take off our rucksacks and head to the pub to get drinks where I paid and needless to say they all still owe me money...dammit!

Signed Mr Jon (Profesional Stick Whidler) xxx

P.S below you will find the vids of our odd adventures.



Monday, 20 April 2009

Shields session 20/4/09

Shields started off pretty well. The tweaker of the day would not leave us alone all day.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Works Trip 18/4/09

This was our desired destination so with only starbursts & ipods to satisfy us quench...for skating we decided to head out into the great well known, the A1.

Emo James was on the Session...

Ben "Starburst" Apes & Mr Kipling decided it was time to go on a mish.

After a brief stop at the most technologically advanced toilets any of us had ever seen, it was time for the final leg of the journey meanwhile I was chewing on Jack Link's Beef Jerky (of which I love).

FINALLY WE MADE IT!! the crew took no time to start shredding the park a new one.

Bart Simpson was on the session! he could be seen throwing down mad FS indy grab airs! in the newly installed area of the park.


Even though the RED BULL Demo had sold RED BULL to Mr Kipling that did not stop him from demolishing an entire crate of Rockstar. After all Rockstar WAS on the sesh...

I got my art on with a black and white rock to fakie with the humanoid shredding machine, James Carr.

This is where the 1st round took place, fluck all photo's were taken during the comp. This photo was taken 3 hours after the comp ended, you can even see Mr Kipling taking a break from throwing down mad hammers.

This is a photo of me & Ben in round 2 of the comp in the rhythm section of the park, I think Team Illusion (minus James because he was at the toilet!!) did best.

After Round 2 Dave & James decided to challenge the locals to a game of S.K.A.T.E James was thrown to the sidelines after getting Da-feated by a full cab (better luck nxt time James!). Meanwhile Me & Ben (still shattered by Round 2) sit down and chronicle this epic game.

DAVE!!! throwing down 1 foot landed Tre's, stoked for him.
then it was on on to prize giving...mmmm trophy's I tss.

1st Place- Route One Team, they won; The trophy, £200, a crate of Rockstar, belts, hats.Seriously stoked for them as they shut The Works down...
p.s see the guy in the red hoodie? he was driving that red bull truck that came to Bridges so we waz throwing down mad conversations with that ripper.

2nd Place- Nice Ramps, they won; Brand new route 1 decks, stickers, hats, socks, T-Shirts.

3rd Place- The Dream Team, they won; Hats, stickers, ca$h, belts , T-Shirts, socks.

James was stoked on DVS today as he won all sorts of crap in the comp including fluck loads of stickers, socks, Denim Jeans, Belts etc.

Ben lays down some JCH (Jon Certified Hammers) FS Air biatch.

Dave & James are over it.
In the Volvo on the way back, after stopping off at Big Dwayne's Burger King where mad discussions about how photo shopped the women off Dragon ball Z were :)
then onwards to drop off certain individuals at their variety of houses.
So lots of Jon Certified Hammers went down in that place known as the Works.
Here is some video to entertain you from the day;

Whats up with nothing?

The session started off at wasteland with games of skate.

James was getting the varials done until one hit him in the face and he started bleeding so we spent alot of time being over it and wondering what to to.

The one and only brian was found getting his pose on at bridges.

On the way back home we found this guy with a drum who played us a song in the metro station and did some ollies too. Hope to see him making another apperance.

So bugger all happened today (Y) .

signed Mr Kipling x

Return Of The Wardy

Now that wardy has stopped fannying around in italy it was time for him to get to it and start throwing down hammers in the lovely sunny town of newcastle.
Wardy i tss

Games of skate were on the session.
Mental ollies over the gap at the vauxhall garage.

Pig & whistle was on the session, wardy was getting his flip tricks on down the 3 .
Signed Mr Kipling x

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sunday Session

Sundays session had a slow start to it as dave and jack didnt wake up til 11 and didnt leave the house till 12 majorly unstoked on that...

Session finaly gets going in boldon as you can see Mr Kipling is over starting the session later on.

The north easts number one teeny tweaker found this shady wall ride it worked but he was over it fairly quickly.

Joe found some "Sodium" water in bells and thought it was a good investment as it has no callories.

The red bull demo sold red bull to Mr Kipling its now his favourite drink.

The north easts number one teeny tweaker just plainly loves his haribo (Mr Kiplings finger in top left)

When we got to bridges Teeny tweaker decided it was hammer time and started throwin down the fakie Tre's flips stoked on that.

This was the only other photo taken of skating at bridges once agen teeny throwin down some fakie tres.

...XxXSingned Noth East's Number Once Teeny Tweaker XxX...